Airport Rental Car Concession Agreements

The only way to avoid these fees is to answer no if a rental agent asks you if you have used the airport recently. Kraus says he told the truth and paid $357 for his 15-day rent. There is no quick and easy way to find airports where local authorities try to prevent escapes or as they do. Salt Lake City International Airport has confirmed that it will assess airport concession fees for off-the-airport car rental companies that connect to their customers at the airport. “The price was still about half the lowest price I saw at the Salt Lake City airport,” he adds. Even if you`re not there at a courtesy airport? “Even then,” Bryant said. Similar clauses apply in car rental contracts at airports in Broward County, Fla.; Fresno, California; Philadelphia; And San Francisco. 15 terminal concessions (for example. B food and beverage products, messages and gifts, as well as passenger services of various types) and land concessions (for example. B, parking and car rental cars) can generate significant revenue for airports. Airport concession agreements are an important mix of revenue and passenger services. Such agreements allow airports to generate revenue based on “market value” and not just on cost coverage. As airports strive to improve the overall passenger experience, the overall design of the concession program and the service standards included in the concession agreement are important instruments.

Airport concessions have changed significantly in all aspects of operations. Many of these changes are reflected in the cooperation between the wings under which they work. Many contractual changes have been made, as airport operators strive to increase concession revenues while optimizing land and facility use. Critical questions regarding concession contracts are: “financial conditions” – rental structures – definition of gross revenue – Calculation of gross revenues – Tender – Airport assessment – Improvements by dealers, monthly reports, service and operating conditions – Exclusive concession rights – Operating hours – Requirements of staff and local managers – Road pricing, maintenance and titles for improvements , reconquest or relocation – Material processing 2.1 Airports receive a considerable amount of rental income and other royalties from concessions. Unlike aeronautical leases, which are intended to cover costs, concession revenues are calculated on the basis of “market rents” and must reflect the value of the privilege of conducting transactions at airports. Airport rents are generally much higher than their counterparts on “street” sites (local community). This reflects the fact that the dealers C H A P T E R 2 concession contracts it has been one of the most reliable money saving when renting a car: Book a vehicle at an off-airport airport and take an Uber or taxi on. You can easily pay 10 percent or more in airport taxes. Kraus, a retired federal employee, said the company employee told him that the city had adopted the pricing policy “to prevent people from avoiding airport rental fees by flying and renting out of the airport.” Operating the facilities.

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