To Establish An Agreement

Health officials would first try to reach an “agreement” with these people to stay at home. The financial impact is very small if a program is actively supported and remains in a healthy balance. It is only when a program is unbalanced and cannot be corrected before the end of an agreement that a financial problem arises. Faculties are encouraged to consider allocating funds to studies for the opening of new exchanges or the resumption of inactive trade. Note that an exchange in students of 2 to 4 semesters must remain in balance, otherwise the agreement will limit the re-enrollment of a page until rebalancing. This is due to the financial constraints inherent in stock market management. The Study Abroad Office (UCI) manages a travel scholarship open to students and master`s students. There may be other sources of UCalgary and non-UCalgary funding that may be applicable to an agreement. Members of the UNIGE university community who wish to reach an agreement with an international organization can contact the SRIP. The SRIP is also open to proposals for cooperation from international organisations or NGOs.

| How can a contract/contract be concluded? Support for PRUAB The support provided by UAB cooperation agreements with international organizations (ICO and NGOs) may take different forms depending on the nature and extent of the cooperation in question. Agreements can take the form of legally binding contracts or simply in the form of agreements. The International Affairs Office provides french and English contract models (pre-approved by the university`s legal department) that can significantly simplify the process. In addition, agreements must comply with UNIGE`s signature guidelines; The signatures are processed by the International Affairs Office, which also archives a copy of the document as soon as it is signed (the original document is kept in the rectorate`s archives). The qualitative agreement between numerical and experimental studies favours a more comprehensive study aimed at establishing a quantitative agreement. Do you want to make a new deal? Please complete the application below and submit it. The UCI is the central body responsible for coordinating international agreements between UCalgary and partner institutions. If an agreement is needed in another language, it will take extra time for processing, as we need the help of a translation services company in Itimieren and we have a certified translator read/translated from this proof of enterprise to translate the agreement into the corresponding language. Please note that we are charged for the first translation of the contract and that an additional fee will be charged for any subsequent changes (including minor changes).

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