Vehicle Change Of Ownership Agreement

This share transfer/ownership agreement (“agreement”) was concluded on September 15, 2010 under and between 连能科技科技, “Dalian Landmark Energy Technology Co, Ltd.”), a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the People`s Republic of China, Te-Hung Chou (“owner”), owner of shares or interests in the 连连商科技科瑞能商, Co., Ltd (“Dalian Aquarius”), a limited liability company created in accordance with the laws of the People`s Republic of China, Landmark Energy Enterprise Inc (“LNDG”), a Nevada company, and Dalian Aquarius; Dalian Landmark, Dalian Aquarius, LNDG and Owner are collectively referred to as the “parties”. The (current date here) I transfer (seller`s name here) ownership of my vehicle (year, make the model) (buyer`s name here). VIN this vehicle is (number). You must provide the buyer with documents such as the registration certificate, the insurance certificate, the PUC certificate, etc. Note that you don`t have to hand over your vehicle bill. The change of ownership of the car transfers ownership of a car from the former owner to a new owner. It is important to change the ownership of a car when it is purchased as a second-hand Nigerian player or registered. You must request the transfer of ownership of the vehicle within 14 days of the sale or purchase. This agreement, assigned on that date by and between the seller below, the following is as follows: The seller has a valid Kansas property certificate or a declaration/certificate of origin of the vehicle mentioned above and certifies that the same vehicle has been sold to the person or persons designated as a purchaser. This title certificate or the manufacturer`s declaration of origin or certificate of origin is either in the seller`s name or duly assigned to the seller (only if the seller is an authorized Kansas distributor) and is held by the seller if the transfer is made by the certificate of ownership. A vehicle purchase document is a document used as evidence to show a customer that they have purchased a car.

This is always given by the seller of the car. Proper documentation is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, even if you want to buy or sell a car. If you are a buyer, always make sure you receive your purchase and order proof after payment. Even if the process of transferring ownership of the vehicle is tedious and time consuming, it is always advisable to do so during a sale. The steps involved in the offline transfer process of your vehicle are mentioned below: You can also transfer ownership of your car online via the ParivahanSewa website, managed by the Ministry of Road Traffic and Highways. The agreement was reached on February 27, 2019 between the City of Westfield, Indiana and Officer Jeffery Swiatkowski. The city agrees to transfer sole ownership, custody and liability of K-9 Lopez to Agent Swiatkowski on February 27, 2019.

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