Which Of The Following Explains Why The Munich Agreement Is An Example Of Appeasement

My Government accepts the communication of its excellence as a practical solution to the issues and difficulties that are crucial to Czechoslovakia and which have arisen between our two countries as a result of the Munich Agreement, while of course expressing our political and legal position with regard to the Munich Agreement and the events that followed. , as mentioned in the communication of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 16 December. , maintained. , 1941. We consider your important note of August 5, 1942 as a very important act of justice for Czechoslovakia and we assure you of our true satisfaction and deep gratitude to your great country and great nation. Between our two countries, the Munich agreement can now be considered dead. [100] The above statement and the formal act of recognition guided Her Majesty`s Government`s policy towards Czechoslovakia, but to avoid possible misunderstandings, I would like to declare, on behalf of Her Majesty`s Government in the United Kingdom, that Germany deliberately destroyed the 1938 agreements on Czechoslovakia, in which Her Majesty`s Government participated in the United Kingdom. , Her Majesty`s government is free of any obligation in this regard. In the final colonization of the Czechoslovakian borders, which must be reached at the end of the war, they are not influenced by the changes that have taken place since 1938. As Hitler`s previous appeasement had shown, France and Britain were anxious to avoid war.

The French government did not want to go to Germany and took over the british Conservative government of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. He felt that the German dysfunctions of the Sudetenland were justified and that Hitler`s intentions were limited. Britain and France have therefore advised Czechoslovakia to meet Germany`s requirements. On 19 May, Benea began a partial mobilization in response to a possible German invasion. [14] Historian Dariusz Balissewski wrote that there was no cooperation between Polish and German troops during the annexation, but there were cases of cooperation between Polish and Czech troops defending the territory against the Germans, for example in Bohumon. [2] …

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